Seo consultant hourly rate

Looking for SEO consultant hourly rate? My rate is 120$/h. Typically SEO work that’s done once bears fruit for multiple years.

Typical price for a medium sized website is 2400$ (20 hours).

  • 120€/h (or 120$/h)
  • You own all the work
  • 10 years of SEO experience

Tell me little bit about what you need

What is SEO consultant hourly rate?

Typical price for a medium sized website is 2400$ (20 hours)
– Hourly rate 120$/h.

SEO work is a one time expense. Typically the SEO work that I do will provides results for many years.

Ask for an offer. Usually the price depends on

  • How good is the current SEO of the site?
  • How big is the site?
  • How competetive is the industry?
I want an offer of SEO work

Who am I to speak about SEO?

A lot of people claim to be SEO experts without any proof or examples.

I have done SEO for a living and as a hobby since 2015.

On top of client projects I have done many sites as a side project. These side projects started as a way to practice SEO but evolved to be very successful on providing passive income with advertising.

Couple exaples of these projects are:

Kotisivujen tekijä - Tapio Kauranen

SEO projects start from analyzing the current situation

Let’s analyze how good is your current SEO. Let’s see how many times and on which keywords the potential clients are searching for your products.
  • Loading speed: Test page load speed with GTmetrix, Google Pagespeed Tool and Pingdom Tools. Correct the speed if the site gets less than 90/100 points.
  • Code errors. Is the site coded correctly? Is the site loading any unnecessary, slow files? Correct errors.
  • Meta data. Meta data can be used to give Google more information about your site. For example, a description. Make sure every page has meta data in order.

Mobile-first search engine optimisation

As of 2019, Google has ignored desktop versions of homepages altogether

All speed and usability testing is done on the mobile version. The usability and speed guarantee therefore primarily includes optimisation of the mobile version, as Google does not consider the desktop version.

  • In Google’s speed test, you need to score above 90/100 to get a green score.
    Take the Google speed test
Do a speed test for your site